Jose Lardizabal
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To a great man  / Lauren Dado (grand daughter )
The image of Lolo Joe that I want to keep was a memory from my childhood. He was standing in our living room at the house I grew up in and he wanted pictures taken. He always wanted to have pictures taken of us with him.

Forever our daddy  / Noemi Dado (daughter)

Even if you're not with us, I can still feel your love. It fills me.

Christmas is fast approaching and I remember how you made it so much fun for us. I will always associate Christmas with you. Maybe that's why you had to go during the Christmas season.

Daddy, I love you.
My condolences  / Daz Lamparas (Myrna's friend )  Read >>
My condolences  / Daz Lamparas (Myrna's friend )
To all Lardizabal Family:

Please accept my condolences; during this Lenten Season I will include Joe in my prayers.  God bless.


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